Political And Historical Conflict Of India And Pakistan

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Long history of political and historical conflict can trigger two countries to fight over a problem very minimal. The Kargil war was fought because a country crossed another country 's border. This was a war between two countries India and Pakistan they are very similar countries they share common cultural, geographical and similar economic. Before 1947 India and Pakistan was a whole country but in 1947 after the British Raj new nations were formed. When the nation got divided into two India ended up with a majority of Hindu and a minority of muslim population. In Pakistan the majority is muslim with a minority of hindu, it emerged as a Islamic Republic. After the split of the two countries have had three majors wars and one undeclared war. The Kargil war was fought in May of 1999 and ended July of 1999, it was located in Kargin the district of Kashmir, India had named it operation Vijay. This was an inter-state war, it was fought in mountain range, which is called a high altitude warfare. It was very dangerous because of the harsh cold and rough mountain, also both counties had access to nuclear power. This was one of the first wars that was widely covered by the media. India lost about 500 soldiers, and pakistan lost about 5000 soldiers. The difference is quite shocking but India was more prepared and had more power than pakistan.

The war started when the pakistani military went on the Indian side of the Line Of Control. So india took the approach of operation Vijay
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