Political And Legal Influences Of The Da Vinci

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Political and Legal Influences There have been nearly 400,000 surgeries across the nation involving the da Vinci in 2013, nearly tripling the number just four years prior. There have been number incidents with the robotic surgeon, some including that the hand wouldn’t let go of tissue during the surgery and the robotic arm hitting the face of a woman as she lay there being operated on. These machines are generally used to remove gallbladders, prostates, wombs, to repair heart valves, and help with shrinking stomachs and transplanting human organs. Doctors who use these robots report that they are beneficial because they are less tired during the operation because most of their time requires sitting and amongst all benefits, robot hands do not shake. Of only 500 events since January 1, 2012, many reports were ones that brought about years prior or duplicates. There was no proof any of the problems were caused by the robot, and many did not even injure the patients.
a. FDA Approvals with the United States
The Food Drug and Administration (FDA) fights a battle siding that the surgical robot is beneficiary and has noted in a recent statement that computer-assisted is “an important treatment option that is safe and effective when used appropriately”.(McCarty, M) The agency is however, aware that surgeons of these robots needs thorough training. The FDA understands that there has been an increase medical device reports but recognizes many of these numbers are either…

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