Political And Legal System Of Greece Essay

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Country Profile: Location
Greece, located in southeastern Europe, is a beautiful transcontinental country, which means the country expands over more than one continent. Greece is cleverly placed on the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is made up a huge mainland peninsula, the Peloponnese, and many surrounding islands. Its country’s flag is composed of nine blue and white stripes as well as a white cross-surrounded by a blue background in the upper left-hand corner. The Blue represents the sky and indicates limit opportunities. The white denotes clouds in the sky and waves in the sea, which signifies everlasting progress. The cross symbolizes the Greek Orthodox Church, which is the established religion of Greece. The nine stripes exemplify the nine syllables in the battle cry of Greek independence, which took place during the Hellenic Revolution against the Ottoman Empire. Country Profile: Political and Legal System Greece politics are categorized under a parliamentary representative democratic republic. A parliamentary republic is a type of republic that functions under a parliamentary system of government and has several different branches. The prime minister of Greece is recognized as the head of government, the executive branch, and of a multi-party system. The legislative branch has power both in the government and in the Hellenic Parliament. The judiciary branch is independent of both the legislative and executive branches. It is important to note that
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