Political Cartoons By Benjamin Franklin

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Political cartoons are an illustrative technique that political cartoonist use to display a message to the viewers about government, world affairs, and politics. In 1754, publishers of the Pennsylvania Gazette published the first political cartoon illustrated by Benjamin Franklin (West, par. 1). Benjamin Franklin used his first political cartoon, titled Join or Die, to gain support from the colonies for the Crown’s war against the French (West, par. 1). Since the 1700s, illustrators use political cartoons as a medium to display political messages to its viewers (West, par. 1). On March 10, 2015, publishers of the Columbia Daily Tribune published a political cartoon, illustrated by John Darkow, titled Hillary Has A Primary Opponent (Darkow,…show more content…
1). Darkow uses this luggage item to represent one of Hillary Clinton’s character traits.
The second luggage item labeled “emails”, located on the right side of the podium, represents Hillary Clinton’s email conspiracy in 2009. Towards the beginning of Hillary Clinton’s career as Secretary of State, the government suspected Hillary Clinton of using her personal computer server to complete government work, ultimately violating the Federal Records Act (Graff, par. 6). After suspicions arose, the government suspected Hillary Clinton of sending and receiving classified information via her personal computer server. During interviews and press meetings, Clinton denied this accusation multiple times. After further investigation of the matter, the government detected over 193 classified emails on her personal computer server, ultimately representing Clinton’s dishonesty and her violation of the Federal Records Act (Graff, par. 88).
The third piece of luggage labeled “Foreign Money to Clinton Foundation” represents the foreign donation controversy that arose over the last few years regarding the Clinton Foundation. The countries of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Brunei, and Algeria donated millions of dollars directly to the Clinton Foundation, which is prohibited (Chozick & Eder, par. 6). American political foundations are prohibited to receive financial donations from foreign nationals, which left the
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