Political Cartoons During World War One

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Whenever a cartoon is seen, it draws people’s attention because of the vivid colors, action packed scenes, and the sweet memories of childhood. Some of these cartoons are often found in newspapers and magazines as political commentary. Political cartoons originated in the late 1700s, and they have only become more popular since then. Even though political cartoons have been around since then, they began to make an impact on the world in 1914 during World War One, and still make an impact today regarding war and our perceptions of political leaders. Political cartoons are used to ease tension, as a form of propaganda, and they are used today to illustrate the Afghanistan War as well as important political figures. Cartoons during World War One made such an impact on citizens that many times, it would even influence their opinion about the war. During this time of great struggle and hardship, something was needed to calm tension and heartbreak for citizens of all the countries involved in World War One. Instead of focusing on the negative bloody photographs that were taken during battle, citizens needed something to inform them about the war, without the graphic images. Since comedy and information were needed, artists began to focus their attention towards political cartoons, thus becoming cartoonists. According to The Wall Street Journal: “Popularity of caricatures and cartoons surged during World War One. […] Caricatures and cartoons served as a release valve [that]

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