Political Changes In America

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Throughout American history, political campaigns were a great part of the nation. These campaigns are a successful tool in benefitting the United States by ensuring the best solution; therefore, eliminating stress for the political party and the people of the U.S. In 1948, article writers Lazarsfeld PF, Berelson B, and Gaudet H of The People’s choice: how the voter makes up his mind in presidential campaign, in the Columbia University Press, records about an experiment, in 1948 that impacted the voting behavior of Democrats and Republicans. With further research, they found that many voters were influenced by commentary and made changes to their votes. With these vote alterations, it becomes clear that the persuasion of socioeconomics causes…show more content…
Many believe that religion is a great factor in the voting process, especially on controversial topics like abortion and homosexuality, which affects the votes immensely. Moreover, the varieties of different religions all have contrasting opinions on numerous issues, which then results in many different conclusions; thus affecting the political votes. Religion, not only is a great aspect in the voting process today, but was also a tremendous political feature in the nineteenth century. Robert P. Sweirenga, author of Ethnoreligious Political Behavior in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, promotes that, “the most exciting development in American history since the 1960’s is the recognition that religion was a key variable in voting behavior.” In the past time and eras before the 1960’s, religion was the main element for solving complex issues, which is why religion was a big part of the political campaigns. Religion has been a part of people’s life style for many years; thus affecting their opinions on controversial topics that are connected with campaigns. In the 1800’s, the church was an influential role in the government and society. Moreover, majority of the people at this time were extremely religious, including the government party, which greatly affected the laws of the country and the votes of the campaigns. In 1832, the political party realized that religion was becoming such a great factor and influence, that they did not allow any Roman Catholics to be a part of the Executive Council until 1840. Even still, after that date, they majority of the government were a part of the church, showing that religion has such a major impact on the influence of voting even still in the twenty-first
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