Political Changes Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution that happened in England, 1760, was the transition from a rural, agrarian society into urban, industrial societies due to the improvements in science, technology, society and culture which affected the political, economic and social status of the country. Although the change was termed “The Industrial Revolution” due to the significant changes that occurred, debate rages on about how it was also an “Industrial Evolution” because the changes that led to the transition to the urban society we know and now live in today can also be classified as evolutions in their own rights.

One major political change of the industrial revolution were the laws that were created during the time to abolish child labour. Back in the early stages of the industrial revolution, children were used as labourers, because of their size and nimble fingers which allowed them to manoeuvre around and work in small spaces in factories and mines where adults couldn’t reach. They were paid less than adults, worked for long hours (12 -14 hours per day) with terrible conditions and little rest and abused by their owners. Soon enough, people
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The factory system is a system that uses water and steam power to run machines to produce goods, this system replaced the domestic system, which was less efficient as it required the use of hand tools and was a very time consuming process. It was later perfected with the introduction of standardised parts invented by Eli Whitney in the late 1700’s, the assembly line developed by Henry Ford in the 1900’s which brought the division of labour to the workers, as each worker only had to work on one part of the good as it moved down the assembly line. The Factory system is an example of an evolution as it evolved from hand tools and manual labour to an automatic process which could produce mass produce goods
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