Political Citizenship

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The way of being appointed to become a senator has been undemocratic in nature from its creation. There are very few written rules and principles to appoint individuals, and very few rules for senators to successfully represent the region they reside in due to political patronage and partisanship. To become a senator in Canada, the onus falls primarily upon the Prime Minister. The governor general or sovereign formally appoints Senators with the advice of the Prime Minister; the Governor General has no stake in the matter besides formally putting a stamp on the Prime Minister’s decisions (McCullough, 2015). The Prime Minister therefore has the free will and political ability to ultimately reward a Senator position to whomever he or she wishes. The Prime Minister will generally grant these positions to individuals that present greater allegiance to their political party, this act is defined as political patronage and further secretes notions of partisanship (Lemieux, Noel 2006). Many Senators become appointed by being associated with the Prime Minister’s…show more content…
Political patronage can be considered, an undemocratic act of the Prime Minister to take partisan selection of who will help run the nation without the consideration of the people or other representative members of parliament that were chosen based on the people. Looking into the deeper meaning of this undemocratic appointment process, it can be concluded that “the senate is essentially part of this control system. Those who do look see how utterly Parliament’s upper house is an instrument of power, used like a personal handmaid by our country’s Prime Ministers” (Boyer 2014, 212). If Canada is considered a democratic nation, then why are individuals involved in important decisions to the nation being chosen based on allegiance and not represented by election from the
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