Political Commentary On The War On Drugs

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Jyoti Adhikari Eng- 061 Political Absurdity Some of the current endless debates about Democrats and Republican are abortion, animals, capital punishment, crime, drugs, the drug war, education, government spending, smoking, wealth, etc. On these issues, both parties are described using absurdity, stereotypes, and sarcasm. Both parties have strong opposing views on most of these issues. Democrats are stereotyped to be supporting government spending and expansion of government programs while Republicans are stereotyped to be religious and support a decrease in government spending. The war on drugs is really the only issue the both sides share the same ideology. The description of the Democrats is absurd because unwanted pregnancy cannot be…show more content…
For example, some women get pregnant by mistake and then regret it later. As a result, women will normally not make the same mistake again because they realize the consequence of their actions. Addiction can include but does not limit to control or uncontrolled substances, procrastination and tardiness are repeated habits while an unwanted pregnancy is not because unwanted pregnancy only happen once. Therefore, it is absurd to think like this because an unwanted pregnancy cannot be compared with types of addiction. The description of the Democrats on the issue of animal rights is absurd because all animals cannot drive, go to school, get married, etc. like humans. Democrats argue, “wild animals should have all the rights of humans, protected from any harm and allowed to die slow and agonizing deaths like most of the world’s humans do” (Felkins 1). The description of the democrats is absurd because the animal does not have ability to do a human task like to have a job, move around freely, get married, own property, go to school, or drive a vehicle. Wild animals are creatures, they do not have brain functions as humans do to accomplish these tasks. With that being said animals can think, but they do not have the ability to think and act like human do. Therefore, it is absurd to give animal human rights because wild animals do not have the ability to do humans tasks. The description of Democrats
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