Political Communication, Illegal Immigration

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28 November 2012 There are many controversial issues related to political communication in the world today. In my opinion one of the most important issues is illegal immigration. Every year thousands of illegal immigrants sneak into the United States and take advantage of our government. Unfortunately, the under enforcement of U.S. immigration laws is a crisis, and several states are taking it upon themselves to enforce their own immigration laws. Illegal immigration has contributed to many problems including public policies, economic and labor markets, neoclassical models, trade laboralization, poverty, over population, and many more. The media evokes social debate over borders, boundaries, and citizens. The usage of politicians and…show more content…
These programs explained the idea that illegal immigrants are the cause for high crime rates in the U.S. “Number one, the illegal aliens shouldn’t be here. And number two, the culture from which they come is a lot more violent than the USA”, says Bill O’Reilly. I can see how this statement is insulting to immigrant groups, especially the Latinos, but when looking at the statistics they prove O’Reilly’s statement to be true. “There are about 12 to 15 million illegals in this country, and that number is growing by 500,000 every year. Recent investigations showed that in Los Angeles 95 percent of all warrants for homicide targeted illegal aliens. They put a strain on our Social Security, our education, our health care and, yes, national security”, stated Glenn Beck. The numbers don’t lie, Beck’s statement might seem a bit harsh but most people don’t know what is going on in their country today. Luo Dobbs was also criticized for supporting the Reconquista myth. The Reconquista myth was formed on the idea that the immigrants have a plan to takeover the Southwest of the U.S. The U.S. took this area from Mexico in the 1840s. This myth has been deemed as false, but because it was talked about on primetime television millions of viewers believe the myth to be true. “Voters’ brains connect words, phrases, images, values, and emotions, and these connections known as networks of association influence their receptiveness to political messages, often far more strongly than facts

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