Political Compass

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“Bury yourself in pity, doubt, poverty, shame and disgust. Become that of which you are surrounded by, be what everyone wants you to be, NOTHING! He’ll never amount to anything” they would always say, “he will just end up to be just like his mother, a beat down, drug addict, alcoholic Mexican, living under the poverty line, scraping for food and money just to get by.” But he refuses, he will not be THIS, he will not be labeled and categorized simply because society deems him to do nothing more than to follow the steps of those who raised him. Through tear-filled eyes and blurred words, he prays each and every night to GOD to make him something better, to take away this anger and resentment that fills his soul for being a “broke Mexican in…show more content…
Under socialism, employment is dictated by the states, thus full employment may be given to all workers, despite no particular or essential need for them. Due to the state managing prices, there is a high possibility and risk of shortages and surpluses in goods. I personally scored a -4.25, meaning I semi-agree to having an economy that is run by the people and not dictated by the government. The other axis, labeled as Authoritarian (top) and Libertarian (bottom), measures one 's political opinions in a social sense. This refers to the amount of personal freedom that one would allow or accept. A libertarian is defined as an individual who believes that personal freedom should be maximized, while an authoritarian is an individual who believes that authority and tradition should be obeyed. On this scale I scored a -1.54 meaning I tend to be somewhat in the middle when it comes to control. While I do believe very strongly in freedom I, in turn, favor having the protection. Perhaps because of a subconscious longing for the motherly affection and care I never had. Generally, I am what you would call a Libertarian Socialist. Many times libertarian socialists may be called social anarchists. Although there is a stigma to the word anarchist, I believe it describes me well. The idea of being an anarchist means coming to the realization that one is educated, responsible and self-efficient enough to take control of ones actions and of one’s future. Overall, anarchist
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