Political Continuities Of The State Of Texas

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Brandon Salazar
Dr. Maria Reyes
PSCI 2306-212
23 April 2017
Political Subcultures Residing in Texas
In the United States, there are 3 different political subcultures. These three different political subcultures that make the United States what it is are the individualistic, moralistic and the traditionalistic subcultures. In the great state of Texas, the most common political subculture would have to be a mix between the traditionalistic and the individualistic subculture.
In the individualistic subculture, there are many ways that it can differ from that of the moralistic and the traditionalistic subcultures. The way that people can differentiate them is by knowing the characteristics of each of them. In the individualistic subcultures,
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In the moralistic subculture, it is the more towards the benefits of all the citizens, rather than the individualistic which only benefits the specific person who is doing the dirty deeds. Whilst the individualistic subculture focuses more on a singular person the moralistic subculture focuses more on the prosperity of a population. In this subculture politics is seen to be a responsibility to all the people because they believe it is a higher calling. The last of the 3 political subcultures would be the traditionalistic subculture. The traditionalistic subculture is seen to be the middle ground between the individualistic and moralistic subculture. This means that it has parts of both. The traditionalistic subculture has bits and pieces from each in the sense that politicians that are born into politics have a moral obligation to govern. While being in the traditionalistic subculture also means that people are not obligated to be in politics, let alone vote.
In Texas, there are many ways that people perceive it, and this causes a wide variety of diversity in the state. This can be said for Texas because of this past election. For instance, Texas has always been a red state, always has had a very small voter turnout and the levels of conservatism. All of these outcomes rely on the traditionalistic subculture. While some of the things that rely on the individualistic subculture would be that the way

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