Political Control In 1984 And Persepolis

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Political control and people repression are being with humans for a long-long time as far as humans start to create more complex communities and people need someone to control and guide them. But as humans, we always want more power and have more control over everything even over its own specie. And pollical control starts to emerge. This type of control is being so rooted in us that there are a lot of written books about this and how this control over people can affect them regarding if the stories in the books are real or fiction. An example of this would be the novel 1984 and Persepolis in which they both share similarities over how a political leader the “Shah” and a political Party named “The Party” want to have control over their citizens and made them do what they think is better for the people regarding if they agree with the laws or not and how this types of controls affect them for life. In both books, they want to control everything from how people need to dress, what they need to learn and how the role of families is affected in some cases separating the members more so people are not punished or in other cases uniting them more by the pollical party or leader that took over those countries in the stories of this books. The first example is about how people need to dress. Both books have similarities about it. By starting with the novel 1984 “The Party” was making people use the same type of cloth and color for everybody every time. If they do

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