Political Correctness And Its Effects On Society

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Whatever you are doing right now, stop it, because it offends me. That is the way of the world now, people can become offended by just about anything, from your skin color, to your sexual orientation, and even the food that you eat. It seems to be nowadays, people can get offended by just about anything, but why do people care so much as to get offended about everything? It has come to the point that people are essentially making up things that slight them, simply so that they can have the advantage of being someone that has been slighted against. This is harmful because: A- It makes people afraid to do or say anything that might get people mad at them, and B- it takes away from what truly needs fixing, as some things do in fact cause harm to those that are offended by it.

Political correctness has become essentially people utilizing their personal views to take power over those who may conflict with it. In this way, political correctness is harming those people who give their opinions publicly, entailing people such as comedians, writers, politicians, and more. It prevents them from saying things that they really mean out of fear that what they may say will cause someone to become offended, and therefore, cause themselves to receive some sort of public backlash. Saying something offensive, even something not intended to offend, can be the catalyst that ruins your career. For example, Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning scientist, was giving a presentation in Korea. During
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