Political, Cultural, Economic and Legal/Administrative Factors Affecting the Process and Structure of Mass Media in Kenya

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THE POLITICAL, CULTURAL, ECONOMIC AND LEGAL/ADMINISTRATIVE FACTORS AFFECTING THE PROCESS AND STRUCTURE OF MASS MEDIA IN KENYA Mass Media provide an arena of debate and a set of channels for making policies, candidates, relevant facts and ideas more widely known as well as providing politicians, interest groups and agents of government with a means of publicity and influence (McQuail, 2005). Politico-economic influences on the media Politico-economic factors that affect media include the idea of media ownership, media market and financial support. The manner in which the media operates is shaped by their owners, market environments and financial support. In this environment, the media manufactures culture content that sustain the…show more content…
Thirdly is the dependence of the media on information provided by government, business and experts funded and approved by these primary sources. Fourth, ‘Flak’ as a means of disciplining the media. "Flak" refers to negative responses to a media statement or program (Criticism, condemnation, censure or hostility). If flak is generated on a large scale, it can be uncomfortable and costly for the media. Flak is mainly through political structures through the government and the personalities in power, and this tends to dictate the media's content. This can either be through the use of censorship, harassment of journalists, regulation or even economic sanctions. This can also be in the form of State oligopoly, where we have state controlled media and heavy censorship, where dissenting voices are forced to operate from the underground press. The Political environment and climate of a country can affect how media operates. First, the Government can make sanctions that affect the media house directly. These sanctions can include taxation, regulations on publications, cost of news print and this is with the main intention to prevent media from having so much control and freedom on what they produce or broadcast. Politicians being public figures and news makers, do give the media issues to dwell on. For example the media in Kenya has been focusing on the political campaigns and more the presidential campaign that was aired in all radio and Television stations. The focus of

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