Political Culture And Its Impact On Society

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Political culture is connotative of a stream of collective consciousness relating to ingrained theoretical expectations of government and the governing. Political culture is a shared aspect of society that shapes how we react and interact within the system , it 's reflective of our collective morals, ideals, and beliefs.

There are three core American values that shape domestic political culture: Democracy, Freedom, and Equality. As we know our political system is that of a representative democracy, as citizens, we elect representatives whom we feel are the best or most appropriate to run our government. Democracy in regards to political culture, extends a bit further. In this context, Democracy also refers to inclusivity, the interests of the people as a whole are taken into account and resolutions are achieved via majority rule. In order for a democracy to maintain validity, citizens must be able to navigate the system within the realm of Freedom. Freedom relates to unrestricted will; American political culture thrives off of the expectation that the government, though allocated certain powers, cannot directly penalize its citizens for acts of dissent (not including terrorist acts or acts that put other citizens or the republic in danger). This directly contrasts a totalitarian state where occupants are prohibited from critique and must remain submissive. American political culture’s emphasis on the rights of the individual is reminiscent of Classic Liberalism which also…
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