Political Culture Of The United States

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American Government I

Boyd Lanier, Ph. D.

Lamar University

Majdi Alharbi
Political culture in the United States is about a person’s behavior, value and belief. Most important ideas of political culture are the rights of people, responsibility of both the people and the government and the relationship between people and the government. Common languages and symbols are used in political culture to unite people. However, the understanding of a constitution, freedom of speech and voting divide people. What is a constitution? A constitution is an agreement that represent a deal between the government and the governed. It is about making or providing basic law. They are written on documents. The constitution is almost different from state to another state. The constitution shows the power and the limits of the government. Also, shows how the people should participate in political parties. Finally, they serve as a kind of repository of accumulated cultural traditions. Sometimes constitutions involve the settlement of specific public policy issues.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a priority to protect all American citizens from offensive speech crime. All have the right to free speech as stated in the First Amendment of the Constitution “Congress shall make no law respecting…or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. (Lovett, 2013 )” It is on this basis that the citizens of America are able to keep their government accountable and in check
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