Political Debates Of The United States

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Political debates in the United States, has turned into a constant public dispute, on who is more convincing for the public eye. A political debate refers to a discussion engaging deliberate arguments, that involves opposing viewpoints. One of the issues that has been in a constant debate for years, is the “Tax Reform”. A recent Republican political debate that took place on November 28th, gave us insight on the thoughts of some of our candidates, regarding the imposition of taxes. In the United States, we tend to believe that we still are in a democratic era, yet as Republicans get closer and closer to taking control of government, many worry that it will completely change; into a conservative political environment. In an article by New York Times, “G.O.P Debates Fail to Give Voters Basic Details.,” and written by Albert Hunt, presents us with some of the political views regarding this issue. Hunt 's point of view, about the debate and the talk about Taxes, is that he believes that most of the candidates “would add trillions to debt” when it comes to this issue (Hunt, par.3). The question is why has the issue of tax reform, been such a global imposition in our country? In my opinion, taxes is what defines our communities, on who is getting most of the money and who remains at the bottom. One of our well known Republican candidate is Donald Trump, who “stresses, that he would end the carried interest tax loophole benefiting private-equity and hedge fund executives. He…
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