Political Differences Between Britain And The United States

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The biggest difference between Britain and the United States is the political structure. While the similarities between the British and American government are uncountable, there are various differences that are present. Perhaps the most obvious difference between these two country's political structure is the fact that Britain is a constitutional monarchy while the United States is a federal republic. This difference sets the foundation for several less apparent differences. In order to gather an understanding of these differences between the British and American politics, one most explore each country's unique constitution, branches of government, and political parties. Possibly the most noticeable difference between the British and American political systems is their constitutions. A constitution is a body of written and/or unwritten rules, which constitutes the fundamental law of the country. Unlike in the United States where there is only one written constitution, Britain has no single written document that could be easily classified as its constitution. Instead Britain has what are known as constitutional provisions which are various laws created by Acts of…show more content…
The Constitution can be easily viewed by all which enables everyone the ability to learn of their rights as American citizens. When the Constitution was constructed in 1787, it formed the foundation and structure for the United States' federal government. The Constitution was written to last and therefore is not easily altered as it requires moving through each branch of government. Due to the fact that Britain's constitution is not codified, it is far more flexible when in comparison to the United States Constitution. This is not to say that Britain is able to effortlessly make changes, as there are restrictions imposed by European Union
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