Political Dissonance Among Gop Base May Hand Trump The Nomination

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Political dissonance among GOP base may hand Trump the nomination
As a general rule, policy articulation has never been the strong suite of Republican politicians. They are not called conservatives for nothing. Their belief system is rooted in the preservation of the past; and anything new or recent is seen as threatening to them. So for the most part, their electioneering campaigns are all about protecting what is perceived as their heritage, with campaign slogans like “take our country back”, “protect our way of life” “cut taxes” etc.
For years, they leaned heavily on cultural issues like abortion, anti-gay marriage/agenda, etc., to fire up their base. They do this even when there is empirical evidence that the country is changing and chances of success for such issues are no longer guaranteed or at least will no longer be easy to achieve. But that never stopped them from promising to achieve these goals for their base no matter what the odds are.
With the election of President Barack Obama, Republican proclivity for making extreme campaign and political promises went into overdrive. Even those who were formerly thought of as moderate Republicans, increasingly had to take more extreme views in order to stay relevant within the party. And thanks to Fox News, anyone who had anything to say now have a megaphone to say it. Compromise became a dirty word and even though they were the minority party, they campaigned and followed thru on shutting down the government when they…
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