Political, Economic, And Social Factors For New Zealand Essay

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Question 1. Critically evaluate the political, economic, and social factors effecting business in New Zealand. Answer 1. There are some factors which are effecting business in New Zealand. For example, political, economic, social factors. In answer 1, I will evaluate that how the factors effect on business in New Zealand. First of all, I will start with the political factor. Before I mention the effect, there are two major political parties in New Zealand, which are the National party and the Labor party. The National party is progressive while the Labor party is conservative. If so, different political parties will enact different policies to drive economies to prosperity, by their own ideas and ideologies. In this case, the change of policies can have a mighty power on any businesses in NZ or wherever (IngramDavid, 2009). For example, if John Key, He is in National party, determine to build a new bridge to connect between Auckland and Devonport for some reasons, some construction companies will get a huge amount of benefits from that. The economic factor is second one. I believe that a lot of firms in New Zealand are mostly established for maximize shareholder’s equity. For this reason, although there are some different types of firms, mostly they selling products or provide services. Therefore, all firms need customers who have enough money to buy products or services. In this case, the average income in the country is directly impact on the business. To illustrate,
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