Political Factors: 2.2 Environmental Audit Of Walmart

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2.2 Environmental audit of Walmart Political factors • Walmart helps the country in providing jobs and the customers has the facility of the products of Walmart • The government of every country supports the Walmart because it provides the products at the discounted price • Walmart required the large amount of capital for the development of the new store Economic factors • The customers are attracted more towards the economic goods • Walmart helps to provide the welfare support and incentives to the employees • The technology helps the Walmart in the reduction of the cost and the Walmart provide the efficient services Socio-cultural • It is essential for the Walmart to target the customers that want the lower cost goods • Walmart has…show more content…
In order to become competitive in the market and to enter into the market, it is essential for Walmart to adopt the model of strategic alliance and franchising. These strategies will help the Walmart in order to enter into the foreign market. The strategic alliance will help the Walmart in providing the knowledge of the foreign market. In order for the growth, there are several strategies available including vertical and horizontal integration. Walmart has their own established brands and own logistics so the Walmart has to adopt the vertical integration. Walmart has four growth strategies, including the product development, market development, innovation and market penetration. The product development strategy indicates that the Walmart should involve in the product line in order to produce the products of the daily lifestyle because these products are used by the customers on the daily basis. For the innovation in the products, the Walmart must adopt the technology and this will help the Walmart in the innovation in the products. For the analysis and the growth of the company, Walmart has overview on four essential strategies which include market development, innovation, product development and market penetration. It is necessary for the Walmart to change the line of its products and switch to the lifestyle products. Due to the change in the taste and fashion, customers demand new products having the new features (Feizizadeh et.al, 2013

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