Political Governance in Rwanda

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Political Governance in Rwanda I. Summary: Rawanda a country titled Genocide, massacre, poverty, discrimination, corruption, and violence. However, Rawanda have been receiving considerable amount of funds from international community despite being a dictatorship along with miserable human rights record and instability in region. Rwanda is facing one of the most serious problems with its political governance. Due to dictatorship there is little attention on vast majority and day by day people are getting poorer and less aware of their rights. People are being control by regime strictly and they do not have control of their acts and space. According to a research by commonwealth human Rights initiative ‘’Rwanda is an army with a state, rather than a state with an army’’ (Reyntjens 2007). A dictator regime has led this country to become a source of instability in region and face war crimes and crimes against humanity. Despite being corrupt and brutal the international community is tolerating it and giving them fund to bring stability in the country however it is not working and fueling up the fire. Therefore, in order to understand the core problems existing in Rawanda and how international community is tolerating it by giving them funds without bringing any changes on its governance system this paper will analyze ways in which it dealt strategies used to silence people, information management as well as some recommendations on the regime change and political governance
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