Political-- Government Stability

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Government Stability: By political changed in the government could affect the business by changing Laws or Ordinance. By an ever changing government this could hurt the business by tax policies.
Taxation Policy: By Not understanding implementation of new taxation codes could have a major results for the clients as well as the business.
Laws Of Employment : Having a better understanding of employment laws could help the business and the employees better to understand the rights of the employees.

Trading policies : By having Good trade policies can help the business acquire new technology or any other assets in retrieving good from others.

Government Changes: Changes in the government could be a threat especially when certain candidates could pose a threat to new laws or any other possibilities.


Unemployment: If the economy is doing poorly and an unemployment rate is high, it may be difficult to secure a job.
Interest rates: Drastic changes of Interest rates that occur yearly that could influx the company’s polices of obtaining Loans or having higher expenses. Inflation Rate: The rate which the general level of prices for goods and services are rising purchasing power is falling. This creates uncertainty because it how it fluctuates widely from month to month or year to year.

Economic progress trend:The up swing in the economy could have the business achieve better profits and better results.

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