Political Ideologies And Social Methods

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Stalinism has been used to describe a variety of political ideologies and social methods, but often is associated with dictatorial or totalitarian control of the state by a leader, or a small leadership group. Through a totalitarian approach Stalin controlled all aspects of life in Russia. He controlled the output of artists, musicians, and ideas in general, collectivized the economy so it was state controlled, created a persona of himself and used the Great Terror as a way to ensure he would have no opposition. This is how Stalin remodeled the Soviet State successfully into a stronger nation, in his eyes, where the stats influenced all aspects of the economy, society and politics. He issued five year plans and created the Great Break, which abandoned the NEP and started the collectivization and industrialization. He also incorporated command economy which is a pillar for Stalinism. Stalin controlled the economy and politics, which intertwined closely, with an iron fist using the totalitarian and dictatorial ideology, but he was able to succeed with his control of power by world events, timing, and power. The task of this paper is to explain why Stalinism was so successful and why it lasted as long as it did. Stalin started to come to real power after the October Revolution and started to have influence in Russia. Once the Bolsheviks had seized power Stalin was promoted to General Secretary of the Party. Lenin (the leader of the Bolsheviks) was very concerned with the brutal
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