Political Ideologies And The Basic Philosophy Of A Community

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Any social and political system that is established in any nation is designed on the fundamental principles of their existence, which define their cultures, their needs, their demands and the concept of their living. From this we can deduce that a kind of charter comprising of the values, ideas, thoughts, principles and the ethical boundaries of a society, that works for the construction of a social embodiment of a country and graphs out certain templates of actions to be followed is known as a political ideology. Political ideologies help in the enhancements of the basic philosophy of a community. It enables the analysis of the definition of their existence and gives them a medium to work upon their planning of developments. Social…show more content…
It covers up the rights of females of all ages and supports them in the demand of equality in social, cultural, educational, political, economic, recreational, administrative and domestic systems. Feminism actually began in the late 19th century when the concept behind this ideology was entirely different to what it is perceived today. Feminism was composed to bring about justice to the underprivileged members of the society, irrespective of their caste, color, race or gender. Feminism catered to audiences who were discarded from the civil setup because they lacked the normal atonement to the living standards brought about by the trend setters. Feminism aimed at highlighting the plight of such individuals, by helping people to acknowledge them and their equal stand in living. However, they were criticized in multitudes. Quite often, the deprived groups of individual finding refuge with such comforting agents were mostly the female classes of our society.
It should be noticed that these revolutions erupted in the western world, where transgression of women was at its peak and the female counterparts were often victimized to be treated as highly dejected human beings. Women laborers were paid wages that were not even a quadrant of the amount paid to their fellow male workers, they was no law against sexual and physical abuse against young girls. This kind of a scenario turned
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