Political Ideology And The Public Policies

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Political ideology is known to be a set of ideas on a broad range of issues concerning government and politics and the public policies used to achieve its goals. Ideologies are used to describe and understand the world as it is through human nature, historical events, realities in the present, future possibilities, and reaching social, economic and political ideals (Jost, Federico and Napier, 309). Conservatism, anarchism and feminism all have attributes of political ideology and are relevant to modern American politics when it comes to the issues they are concerned with such as political, economic, social and individual views. Each ideology can be very different when it comes to their beliefs and solutions, but they each also have some similar characteristics. Conservatism is a political ideology that favors a smaller government, and less government regulations. Conservatism can be seen as a political philosophy that values order in society more than individual liberty, with the best interest of society as a whole in mind. Traditional conservatism promotes and emphasizes traditional beliefs and customs of social institutions in relation to culture and religion, and is opposed to radical change, so there is a preference for the existing order in society. Modern conservatism is less opposed to change, and is more ideological. Conservatives are opposed to government public policies that promote egalitarianism, social welfare, the due process model of justice, and the
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