Political Importance Of Gandhi

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Reflection 3
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an important figure in the history of South Asia of the twentieth century, Based on your readings, assess the political importance of Gandhi and compare Metcalf`s approach with that of Jalal and Bose.
In the time of colonization, emerged a great number of political and religious figures that have had a profound impact on the people of India, many of them are to this day remember as national heroes. Perhaps the most famous of them all was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who albeit being targeted by controversies by some historians, has been a hero for the Indian community.
Gandhi was very different form the other leaders of that era, He was not just a political figure but also a humanitarian and spiritual leader, He was called ‘Mahatma’ which means ‘Great Soul’ .One with an uncanny ability to connect with a common man which is perhaps why his movements had such a good following. One other thing which distinguished Gandhi was the fact that his ideology was not limited to a single community or country. His commandments of non-violence and peace could be applied anywhere in the world and would`ve been just as effective. One such example is of Adul Ghaffar Khan, the North West Frontier had a reputation for violence and aggression, the
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The peasants of UP had no hesitation, in Gandhi's name, in looting bazaar and attacking landlords and in February 1922, an incident took place in a police station in Chauri Chaura, in which 22 Indian policemen got killed, so Gandhi called off his non-cooperation movement. This further proves the fact that Gandhi was true to his word, as it is not easy to call off such a huge movement on the basis of just 1 incident as the killing of people was unacceptable for
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