Political Involvement os Power of the Public

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Political Involvement
The primary reason for political involvement in government intervention is the power of public opinion. When the people collectively begin to aggressively voice their concerns for a certain action to take place, it forces the hand of the government to act in response to that distress (Kraft and Furlong, 2013). There are currently nineteen states that offer a higher minimum wage than the federal mandate. Thirteen states raised their minimum wage levels on January 1, 2014, increasing the purchasing power of the lowest paid workers in each respective state, some of the increases were under fifteen cents (United States Department of Labor).
It is projected that minimum wage increases will drive consumer spending; and
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The winners in this case would be the workforce earning another $.10-$.25 per hour and this calculates to an additional $10.00 per week or $520.00 per year with a quarter per hour. However, this can add up very fast when this is required for hundreds of employees for big businesses (Miller, 2013). It has to be decided what regulation will do the most common good in the long run, and this never been a popular assessment to be required to undertake. The benefits such as educational assistance, life insurance, or travel accident insurance are generally a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee. In return for the increased wages some employers have opted to drop insurance coverage plans or lay off workers to help and compensate for some of their losses (United States Department of Labor).
Theoretical Model
Elite Theory
There are several different theories and models used in general politics and the creation of public policies. These models and theories help to simplify the understanding of how some things work (Kraft and Furlong, 2013). According to the Elite Theory perception the general public has little to no impact on the regulation of public policies. All of the policy changing authority is within the elite population. The elite theory stresses the fact that partiality is given to the governing body of elites (Kraft and Furlong, 2013). The policy players in this group include financial

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