Political Issues Do Matter Within Society Essay

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The purpose of this study is to prove that political issues do matter within society, the economy, and in the twenty-first century. Although voting and participating have decreased in some senses, with the usage of politics on media, examining politics in real life situated issues, and overall looking in depth about what politics is. While the depths of how the government ultimately makes every decision for the citizens, we realize that everything in social today is based off of politics and political standings. While some may argue that political issues do not matter in real life, others may differ due to the fact that political issues do matter in real life. From elections affect the general public, and those attempting to find the greater good and common ground for citizens within societies we realize that there is no such thing as a world without politics. For instance, day-to-day errands such as: driving a car, grocery shopping, or meeting our everyday needs are brought to us by something political or someone within the community of politics. “53% feel they have a political voice in this country” (“Statistics on High School Students and Teenagers,” 2012) This essay argues that political issues do matter in real life, due to the fact that politics interferes with the society, the economy, and those within it. Ideally those within the society controls the political standings, hence political ideas do matter in real life. Though from time to time being unable to clearly
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