Political Majority and Federal Spending Essay

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This paper addresses the following question: what determines government spending in the United States. In short, I believe real government spending to be a function of partisan political control. Specifically, I hypothesizes that a majority congressional representation by either the Democrats or the Republicans does not affect the level real federal government spending. In other words, government spending does not increase due to a Democrat majority or decline due to a Republican majority.

Every two years on the first Tuesday in November, Americans across the country vote on who will represent them in the Federal government. Thusly, they indirectly shape the future of the United States. Since the
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If partisan control of congress is a determinant of real spending, a plethora of new questions shall arise. In addition, if a Democrat majority results in a decline of spending, then academics and draw inferences about the budget, and therefore the deficit, the day after elections. Ceteris paribus, academics would be more likely to predict overall government spending. In other words, Keynesian economists would predict a less drastic economic downturn if Democrats have majority control during stagnate growth. Specifically, I wish to determine the following. First, is congressional control a determinant of federal spending? Next, does the same hold true for federal defense and non-defense spending? Finally, does a specific party majority foreshadow a specific effect on spending? Alternatively, does a Democrat majority predict an increase in spending?
In the next section, I will review and discuss the implications of prior research. Then, I will detail my methodology and results. Finally, I will discuss my finding and draw conclusions. The end of the paper cites references and includes any appendices vital to the understanding of the paper.
Literature Review

Based upon my research, there are two primary motives for legislators to spend: (1) to stimulate the economy and (2) to benefit their represented district, thereby increasing the likelihood of reelection. In this section, I will briefly discuss the former. I will cover the latter in

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