Political Negotiations Analysis

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The Supreme Court has decided that negotiations in labor relations with school boards involving wages and benefits are not an act of political speech. In the case between Friedrichs vs. the California Teachers Associations, Rebecca Friedrich leads a group of nine public school teachers that feel that they shouldn’t have to pay union fees because it forces them into a political speech. Rebecca feels that when a teacher pays mandatory union fees, they are subsidizing political speech which violates the First Amendment. Every time Police, Sanitation, or Teacher unions sit down to negotiate deals; the fact that almost all union members are registered voters plays a pivotal part in negotiations. Many unions bring the threat of voting any politician…show more content…
My union went on strike for three months during the past election year. While I was on strike two Democratic candidates came to rallies, and spoke to all the striking union members. Bernie Sanders spoke at a rally in Brooklyn, New York. Hillary Clinton spoke at a rally in Manhattan, New York. Bernie Sander’s speech re-energized striking union members and gave all members a sense of hope at a stressful time. Bernie’s speech made me feel like he cared about my problems and he wanted to do whatever he could to end the strike with Verizon. Bernie Sanders voiced his anger towards large corporations in America, Bernie feels that large corporations do not care about the average worker and only cares about profits and stock prices. One of the main reasons that both Democratic candidates came out to speak to all striking members of the union was to secure votes for their respective candidacy. Throughout the strike only two Democratic candidates came out to speak. There were no Republican candidates that came to speak to us. Why did these two candidates come out to speak to striking union members? The CWA made large donations to the Democratic party and all news outlets covered the
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