Political News Medi An Important Component Of American Democracy Essay

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Political News Media
American politics includes a series of conflicts and compromises between the different components of government. The division between the Democrats and Republicans in Congress often reflect the public as each group champions their often controversial opinions with the hope they are enacted as laws. Trying to make sense of the American government and politics, therefore, includes a lot of in-depth analysis of the underlying issues and political ideologies of each group. News media is an important component of American democracy since it is the main source of political information for Americans. The mainstream media sources include TV, radio, print and Internet-based sources. The news media is an independent watchdog that closely monitors the political arena and conveys it to the public with the Liberal model being the most effective model of the American political news media.
The increased popularity of the internet has directly contributed to a more informed populace as American citizens all around the world can easily access and analyze political news. The digital age has seen the mass circulation of rich analytical information that was previously only accessed by scholars and policy makers (Powe Jr, 1992). The rise of social media as a news outlet has drastically reduced publication costs allowing for a two-way interaction platform between government officials, reporters, and the general citizens. The American democratic system is based on the premise
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