Political Opinions Influence On American Politics

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Watching Impractical Jokers and eating a piece of pizza last night, I hear the words, “I am Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.” I almost break my neck to look up, because in my house we like to make fun of her. I always joined in to the lifestyle because my parents lead to way. But is that really the way to live? Taking our parents’ and friends’ opinions as our own. We’re always told to make our own decisions and we think we do, but do we really? The way we make our decisions and how our lives influences those decisions are the causes of what is called the polarization effect. This effect refers to the widening gap between opinions, especially in the political world.

It is a fact that the low opinions parties have towards one another doubled between the early 1990s and now. Pew Research Center say that most (not many but most) democrats have deeply negative views of the Republicans and vice versa. Five thousand Americans were surveyed and over half believed the other party’s supporters are closed-minded and just under half would go as far as using the adjectives “lazy”, “immoral”, and “dishonest”. That’s just differences in political standpoints themselves -- conservative verses liberal views. It’s not to mention the election coming up.
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The polarization happening between the two major parties was proved by the Democratic Presidential Nominee herself. Hillary Clinton publicly named Trump’s supporters “deplorable” along with other names including “racist” and “homophobic”. All these facts got to show the polarization effect in politics is real and the gap between opinions is
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