Political Opinions On Social Media

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Table of contents Introduction Risks: Similar content on social media Unreliable political opinions on social media Biased data sets Stealing of confidential data Lack of accountability over misguided algorithms Disproportionate investment in economic growth / Biased flow of capital Unstable Financial Policies existence of Monopoly Ineffective electoral system Rentier capitalism Non-transparent public-private tendering Status quo involvement in policies Inappropriate Standard procedures Unstructured hierarchy of authority Slow GDP growth Existence of bureaucratic system Conclusion Data is changing the fight against corruption Introduction Nowadays, knowledge and information has been transferred to…show more content…
Donald trump as a threat to America’s internal security because of his contentious remarks on different countries, but all those surveys proved wrong and misleading, thus clearly indicating that online data has its own problems. Traditional social bias has also intensified because of the biased data sets. Although, Biasness against a group or race is not the fault of programmers of those data sets but how people label their preferences. For example, searching on google for images of “beautiful girls “comes up as all images of girls with white colour, majority of the society sees white colour as a manifestation of beauty so the results generate biasness in the society which ultimately lead towards racism and hinders diversity and multiculturalism in the society. Another data related risk is that it can easily be manipulated or moulded for personal needs which spawns unethical decisions. For example, in countries where dictatorship is prevalent, the dictator can easily justify his rule by manipulating the data obtained through self-programmed referendum. Such unethical practices circumscribe the political activity in the country thus minimising the opposition and debate culture which ultimately lead towards devastation. Stealing of data has become a common practice and it seems nothing is secure these days. Although, leaking out of important data sometimes benefits the entire global society like Wiki leaks, Panama papers which has unearthed
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