Political Participation Of Women Essay

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Country: Germany Committee: UN Women Topic: Encouraging Political Participation by Women School: Williamston High School Delegate: Lia Bommarito Throughout history, women were not seen as equal to men. Even in 2017, marginalization and oppression still persists in many regions and states. Because of a long history of sexism and institutionalized that dates back to the first functional societies, women are discouraged from participating in society politically. Oftentimes the political participation of a group can be measured by active voting, as well as how many parliament seats are held by women in each country; as of June 2016, only 22.8 percent of parlimentarians were women, a slow increase from the measured 11.3 percent in 1995, and…show more content…
As for parliament participation, Germany is higher than the world average with a 39.1 percent participation; but still only ranks number 22 in the world for female parliament percentages. Despite Merkel’s leadership, German sexism in politics still exists; despite the Chancellor being a woman, not many lower or mid-level governmental positions are held by women. Alice Schwarzer, the country’s best-known feminist, lends her quote to this issue: “Since 2005, little girls can decide: Do I become a hairdresser — or chancellor?” While the state of gendered politics and participation may outwardly seem fantastic, Germany still struggles with uplifting women; the climate for German women in politics is icy, but warmer than most nations. Germany does not have to deal with fundamental problems, such as removing all de facto restrictions on women’s suffrage, or dealing with assault on women for seeking education or leadership politically. However, Germany attempts to manage the onslaught of hidden problems such as a wage gap higher than the European average, lack of political representation in parliament, and “feminist” being percieved with a negative connotation. Whether or not Germany must handle fundamental issues, the international community has many nations still living in the midst of misogyny. There is no nation that still does not allow women to vote; however,
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