Political Participation in Hong Kong

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In Hong Kong, the citizens enjoy the privilege freedom of speeches. Therefore, they are much more active in the political participations than the other people. “A vibrant democracy requires its citizens to participate in the political process and exercise their right to vote. “ (Verba, Schlozman, & Brady, 1995).The Hong Kongers have many ways to engage in the political campaign in order to draw the attention from general public in specific issues. As a member of this citizenship, I will participate in the political events in order to give some pressure to the government to listen our opinions. In my essay, there are three major parts. Firstly, I am going to explain the background information of political participations. Secondly, I will discuss the ways that the Hong Kong citizens express their complaints in political participations. At last, I will illustrate the reasons and methods of me involving these political issues. According to the scholar Lo Shiu Hing, the definition of political participation is the activities of citizens to influence government policy or to affect the government’s allocation of resources. ( Lo Shui Hing , 2007) The political participations can be divided into two categories, the institutional and the non-institutional. For the institution one, they are protected under law. Normally the government provides some resources to held the event such as voting. For the non-institutional one, the general public organizes some campaigns that are in
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