Political Parties And Interest Groups

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he goal of this paper is to demonstrate how political parties and interest groups are able to get citizens to participate in politics and political party participants or interest group members. This is a comparison and contrast paper. The following will be a comparison between political parties and interest groups. Three points will be mentioned. The first point will be the purpose, the second will be the role they play and finally three strategies parties and interest groups use to get people to participate.
A political party is a group of dedicated people who come together to win elections, operate the government, and determine public policy. Political parties are quite different from interest groups, which seek to influence, not run,
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Party members and individual politicians have a made group aliens that usually cooperate with their determination to pass and implement legislation. In addition party alliances close the space between the legislative and executive branches. While separated by the Constitution, the existence of political parties narrows the space between the branches and helps them work together. Political parties also inform and energize their members. They send brochures also do media campaigns, knock on multiple peoples doors, and call several voters on their phones. In addition, parties have fundraising apparatuses set that simplify their candidates’ chance to be able to finance their campaigns. Finally parties also serve as critical watchers for the public. The adversarial relationship between the major parties ensures that the party that is out of power will keep a close eye on its opponent and notify the public of anything that should not be done in policy misstep.
Political parties use persuasive techniques such as criticizing the opposition and flattering the public. They also write in a lot of other techniques such as rule of three, alliteration, hyperbole and superlative. its a bit like advertising really. Political arties hold political rallies to gain support from the people. Social media is one of the most effective platforms for raising awareness of political issues, encouraging people to vote, and promoting
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