Political Parties And The Democratic Party Essay

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Originally political parties were seen as skeptical by our Founding Fathers and therefore opposed. However, today our government has political parties. Political parties attempt to gain control of the government and influence its decisions. The two most influential parties in American government are the Republican and Democratic Party. These two parties have very contrasting beliefs which they present in their platforms. Democrats believe in “the need for intervention by government in the form of more and bigger programs” and agree that there must be fairness in government regulations and freedom of expression. Republicans however, have more conservative values and cultivate the importance of family and the efforts made by individuals. They, unlike the Democratic Party, prefer to keep the power out of the hands of the government. Political parties’ business and actions affect every American. Especially when the political party is governing and practicing its beliefs. The structure of marriage, education, taxes, and defense spending are all topics that influence the daily lives of American individuals. That is why is it is important to know where each political party stands.
Marriage and Family:
Republicans describe marriage as “the union of one man and one woman” and their regulations revolve around these ideals. They state that children’s emotional and physical health is stronger when they are raised in a household with two parents. To Republicans, natural
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