Political Parties Are Essential For The Success And Longevity Of The United States

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Political parties are fundamental to building democracy. These parties are organized by people with a wide range of policy preferences, who then recruit, and run slates of candidates for office. Political parties do this in an attempt to capture control of the National and State government(s). When a political party controls the government, they are then capable of legislating public, and foreign policy aligned with their party’s ideology and preferences. An important way to look at the importance of political parties is to consider all the things they do. Countless decisions are made by political parties every day. Although they make poor decisions and choices sometimes, many issues are quite complex and lack clear answers. Indeed, there are still a myriad of benefits to having political parties in American government. Whether it’s simplifying voting, or promoting compromise and deliberation, political parties are instrumental to the success and longevity of the United States. A noticeable advantage of having political parties in America is that they simplify voting. Voting isn’t always easy to do in the first place. A myriad of reasons explain why people don’t vote. Whether it’s a lack of time to vote, the distant location of where one has to vote, the early date people need to register to vote in some states, or just a lack of interest in politics, countless people do not end up making it to the polls to vote on Election days. Political parties, in short, are effective

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