Political Parties During The Civil War

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Political parties play an important role on how the government makes decisions. In American history there are usually two major political parties at one time. These parties can be split up into two groups of beliefs for a party, Conservative and Liberal. The first form of political parties was formed during the refining of the constitution from the Articles of Confederation. These two parties are the Federalists and the anti-federalists. The next political party is the Democratic republicans who appeared during the later time of the time of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. The final appearance of different political parties happened during the Antebellum period before the Civil War. Political parties are a major part of American history because depending on the views and the party holding congress and the presidency it can affect what changes and how much is done during that time.
The first major political party is the Federalists party. The Federalist party was one of the first major political parties. The Federalists party consist of many of the people who supported the stronger central government such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay. The major conflicting party of this time is the Anti-Federalist. The Major conflict of this time is was the U.S Constitution. The Federalist had the Major advantage of being well funded and have the most information being sent out to the public. As it is said on, “The Federalists had more than an
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