Political Parties

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Chapter Seven Essay--Trace the development of political parties during Washington's administration and describe their basic philosophies. George Washington was the very first President of the United States. This was such a huge role to take on, not only because of his duties as President, but because it was also setting a precedent for future U.S. Presidents and the federal government as a whole. During Washington’s presidency, many political parties and departments were set up, each with a certain role in the federal government, and many with different ideological views. Washington’s first order of business was to establish his Cabinet. The Department of State, under the first secretary Thomas Jefferson, was responsible for U.S.…show more content…
As far as the constitution, the Federalists believed that the federal government had implied rights to pretty much everything, even if it wasn’t specifically written in “black and white” in the U.S. Constitution. They were also big proponents for national banks, tariffs, and good relation with Britain. The Republican Party’s first leader was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was from a much different lifestyle than Hamilton, so a lot of their political ideologies differed in many ways. For example, Jefferson believed in a limited federal government to protect the states’ rights and the rights of its people. They believe that the people of this country could in fact govern themselves and should have a big say in the laws of their state, and their country. This is where their views differ when it comes to the Constitution, because the Republicans believed that the constitution, and the Bill of Rights set in place specific rules and regulations and rights for not only the people of the United States, but the governing bodies as well. To them there was no “gray area” when it came to government rights and people’s rights, they were “set in stone”. Republicans believed that the closer the relationship between the government and its people, the better off the country would be, because it allows the people being governed to have a say in what is being done. This is why they also wanted voting
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