Political Parties In America

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The Major Political Parties of America The Democrats and Republicans are two different political parties. Democrats are the liberal party America, whereas the Republicans are the conservative party in America (Jeremy & Demand, n.d.). The Democrats are the oldest voting based party in the world. Ever since 1854, U.S. politics has been a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans.
*D*Since 1912 the Democrats have made it self the liberal party. Roosevelt, influenced American liberalism,and has shaped the Democratic agenda since 1932. Democrats support welfare, social justice, and social progressivism (“Political parties in the United States,” 2015).
*D* The democratic use the ideology of social liberalism which wants a balance
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Since the 1880s the media has called it the Grand Old Party. This is weird because it the Republican party is younger than the Democratic party. The Republican party was founded by anti slavery activists in 1854. The party became known for the election of Abraham Lincoln. The Republican Party's conservative and supports liberalism, social conservatism, and fiscal conservatism (“Political parties in the United States,” 2015). The Republican party is based on American conservatism. The Republican Party supports many thing that make America, America. The party supports a strong national defense, restricted labor unions, free enterprise, free market, traditional values, and…show more content…
The party is generally split on the issue of how to deal with illegal immigration (“Republican Party (United States),”2015).
The Republican and Democrats have many similarities and differences. Republicans want less government, whereas Democrats want more. Both the Democrats and Republicans support tax code simplification, the only reason it has yet to be changed because no one knows how to change it. In addition to this they are both for change in the voting system which could mean short lines and free and fair elections.( Medha Chandorkar,
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