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The Labor Party The labor Party is made up of men and women who do and do not have jobs. They believe themselves to be the keepers of the American dream, providing opportunity and justice. They believe that every American has the right to a decent paying job and a good place to live, that by joining the union there should be no fear of getting fired, to free, quality public education for themselves and their children, to universal access to publicly fund, comprehensive, quality health care for all residents. 5 issues that the Labor Party supports: 1.     Guarantee Everyone a Job at a Living Wage- They believe that Corporate America and the rich and powerful and taking millions of jobs for other people. At this…show more content…
5.     Protect our families- they feel that every worker in America in the United States should have the right to benefits such as paid family leave, flexible work hours, and affordable child and elder leave. However over half of the workers in the United States are not getting more than half of these benefits. They believe that every worker should have the option to select a package in which there work will accommodate such choices. The Grassroots Party Was formed 14 years ago to stop the prohibition of marijuana in the United States. This party is made up of both Republican and democrats, who believe that marijuana should become legal. The Grassroots Party are strong supporters of American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 5 issues the Grassroots party believes in: 1.     Increase Jobs- They believe that if marijuana was legal, that it would provide America with more working opportunities and better paying jobs. As a source of pulp for paper, one acre of hemp yields as much as four acres of trees. Marijuana seeds also contain more highly digestible protein than soybeans leaving more room for other important natural resources. 2.     Sustainable Economy and Healthy Environment- By legalizing pot in American, it can be tasted to help reduce debt in the United States, and provide sick people with it to help reduce their pain and ease their suffering. It

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