Political Parties : Politics, And Religion

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I started my search based off my long held interest in politics, and the issues that affect the way we govern. So I boiled that down to the entities that decide when and what we govern. Political Parties. After I had my subject I looked at the three things I believe political parties play a role in. The three areas of interest I chose were our political parties role in our history, economics, and religion, and what factors in those areas determine how political parties’ function. The first area I looked at was political parties role in our history. There were a multitude of sources that came up, but only a few that dealt with American political parties or was broad enough to use for this topic. For example, there was one article that dealt interpreted the political parties role in U.S. tariff policy in the 1820s (Daniel Purt). I felt that that subject was too narrow for the area of interest I was looking to explore, so with that I decided to move on to another article. The first article I really looked in depth at was an article from Richard L. McCormick, titled “Politics in the United States: Reinterpreting their Natural History” And this article goes over, broadly, the different realignments and political transitions that have occurred in our country. In the article it also talks about new ideas political scientists now focus on. Being as previously they only focused on voting patterns (McCormick), the scope of inquiry has now increased to a multitude of topics. While
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