Political Parties : The Democratic Party

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Kelly Kidwiler Table 3 Essay on political parties September 19, 2015

The Democratic Party today is facing many problems many of which, can be overcome. As the head of the Democratic Party I have solutions to the problems that we face as a party. The main obstacles that we face today include: increasing our voter turnout, attracting new millennial voters and securing the Latino vote in the upcoming election. If these issues are addressed we are on track to have a very successful election.
The biggest obstacle that we face today is increasing our voter turnout rate for all elections. Republican’s recent success can mostly be attributed to their consistently higher voter turnout. According to Aaron Blake from Washington Post Democrats actually outnumber Republican voters it’s just a matter of getting our Democrat voters to come to the polls on election days. Republicans voters are on average older people and they are losing votes because their supporters are literally dying. As this trend continues Republicans will slowly lose votes which means if we can simply show up to vote our odds of success are very high. I think that the main way to entice Democratic voters to show up on Election Day is to stress to all voters that it is impossible to get their opinion across if they don’t vote and that they are basically obligated to vote since they live under a Democracy. We have the right to vote and it is extremely important to express that right. There seems to be this shared…
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