Political Philosophy in the 17th Century

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The 17th century was a period of time dealing with a drastic change that has veered the world into a new state of affairs. Wars between countries and within countries were at a peak. What solutions were there to fix the mayhem? It was an answer that many philosophers were trying to figure out. This writing assignment's intentions are not on the study of philosophy, but rather on the philosophical figures that have helped mold what the world is today. John Locke, a philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, a political philosopher, and Bishop Bossuet, a theologist and bishop, are three people from the 17th century whose views has set courses in history. Locke, Hobbes, and Bossuet had answers to what kind of government was needed to fit human nature.…show more content…
Locke felt the social contract was for protecting people and if a government doesn't do so, the people have the right to change the government. If the government is heading towards tyranny, the people also have to right to defend themselves. Locke felt that the people of a society do not have to give up all their rights to the government. Hobbes on the other hand felt people have to give up their right for the government. The government also has no limitations, it is absolutism. His reasonings weren't for divine power though, but just because he believed that it was the best way to set rules to correct human nature. Bossuet also believed in people giving up total rights for a government which is absolutism. Unlike Hobbes however, it's purpose was for divine power. It was not a reason because he thought it best for people; it was because Bossuet felt absolutism was God's way of a kingdom. Locke felt if a government abuses its power the people of the society can overthrow the government and change it. His government is set up to be preventative so that it would be difficult for the government to abuse its power. In Hobbes government, everyone gives up freedom towards absolutism. However, if the government starts to abuse its power, it would be very hard to stop. Drastic measures would have to be applied to correct it, such as a revolution. Bossuet, also like Hobbes, had an ideal government where the government has
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