Political Philosphies of Liberalism

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Liberalism If we want to speak about liberalism, we have to speak about how liberalism came into the nationals systems of many countries. Liberalism includes a lot of different political philosophies and people have fight for it or against it over time. Nowadays it is criticized but

In 1689, John Locke published his book “Two Treatises on Governments” which established the natural right theory and two fundamental ideas on liberalism: the economic and the intellectual liberty. The natural right theory argued that “life, liberty and property”. It was the classical liberalism at that time and it was a new way to see human possibilities.
“Classical liberalism is founded upon a notion of free rights for every person, including freedom of speech and freedom of religion.” This was also for free market economy, and only little intrusion on private property by the government. Classical liberalism rose in the 16th and 17th century. It is based on free trade to govern and ruled the interactions within the society.

In the French Enlightenment, Voltaire and Rousseau were for the creation of a constitutional monarchy which could help to get a natural freedom. Rousseau spokes also about the social contracts within a country between the population and the government.
In the Scottish Enlightenment, Hume and Smith agreed that “capital, not gold, is the wealth of nations”. Smith published in 1776 “The Wealth of Nations” which main subject, as we all hear a lot about, was the invisible hand
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