Political Politics Of The United States Essay

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A diverse society requires a pluralistic political structure in order to enfranchise citizens and allow the broadest scope of opinions to be heard. The United States has a rich history filled with specific examples of how an individual’s voice carries enough weight to make both a difference. However, a person’s ability to make a political impact does not necessitate eloquence and or individual intrepidity. Rather, our Founding Fathers carefully crafted a democratic system in which the voices of every individual were given significance and influence through their right to vote in elections.
Unfortunately, political elections are not as idealistic as our fore fathers may have intended. In recent years, political campaigns in the United States have become an increasingly distasteful process in recent years, specifically in regard to the way in which they are funded. Political campaigns are regularly fuel by greed, power and a shady procurement of financial support. This corruption promotes inequitable campaign procedures, and almost never results in a fair and unbiased candidate victory. In recognition of this exploitation of power, steps have been taken by federal and state legislatures to regulate rampant unethical funding in political elections. In response to these efforts, two distinct sides have emerged. Proponents of campaign finance limits argue that wealthy donors and corporations hold too much sway in elections and as a result, corrupt campaigns. Those favoring less
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