Political Power Of The United States

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The United States is currently built on an illusion of democracy where everyone supposedly has an equal opportunity and say in society. The issue arises when government fails to identify this injustice as a problem because the majority of officials tend to benefit from increased political power. Economic inequality, the uneven distribution of wealth in one direction, is the leading cause of poverty in the United States, and the number of individuals in poverty continue to grow. The government has neglected its citizens, and it has taken legislative favorability of the upper class rather than the middle and lower class. In the essay “Rent Seeking and the Making of an Unequal Society”, Joseph Stiglitz identifies rent seeking as a means of…show more content…
The main problem being the identification of a corporations as a citizens entitled to First Amendment rights. The U.S campaign finance system has allowed legalized bribery that influences politicians in favor of corporate interests. Political campaigns is a method used by the people to nominate officials that harbor the interests of the public. The Supreme Court ruling would allow corporations to bolster any specific candidate in exchange for influence, and eliminate any other competition, in effect limiting the choices of the bottom 99 percent of the population. This gives legitimate candidates that harbor public interests an extreme disadvantage, and it forces him/her to rely on individual donations or concede partially to corporate interests. As corporate campaign financing continues, corporate politicians slowly supersede the number of politicians in favor of the people. Through the years corporations and the wealthy end up doing phenomenally well while the rest of the nation suffers. If the politician of corporations succeeds in obtaining a political office they begin to propose tax cuts on corporate income, the wealthy, and deregulation of industries. As a result, an already eminent problem becomes worse because tax cuts on the rich make them even wealthier than they already are. On 2011, Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders stated that “in America
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